Size Does Matter!
(Especially When It Comes To Building Your List)

"Discover Six Easy Methods We Use
To Build A List Into The Tens Of Thousands
In As Little As 17 Days..."

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From: Robert Plank & Lance Tamashiro
Date: Saturday, March 23, 2019
RE: Get More Subscribers Today

You need to be building a business instead of just building a web site!

What do I mean? Have you ever created a web site (content site, blog, sales letter, landing page) and nobody showed up?

Even if they showed up, they stopped by for five seconds and never came back...

Your System is Broken!
You're Working with a
Flawed & Outdated Business Model...

You created an email signup page.
Maybe a few people subscribed to your list.
But then... nothing happened.

You don't know what to do with those subscribers. Someone taught you how to build a list, but they taught you the wrong way, and they never told you what to do after you've built it!

You have no pre-sell strategy other than: write an email that says "click here and buy" ... hit the send button... and hope the money rolls in.

Tell me if any of these cheesy subject lines sounds familiar? Even worse... have you sent one of these?

  • Your download has been approved
  • 100% free gift
  • The truth to making $432,992.34 in 48 hours
  • You've got cash!
  • Notification of payment received
  • Your order is complete, please save this email
  • RE: your order
  • Deposit Notification
  • RE: Your username and password...
  • Your download link
  • paypal you $100?

It's insane! Someone taught you how to build a list, but no one explained what to do after you've built it...

Instead of being like every other cheesy "used car salesman"-style email marketer, build a relationship with your subscribers.

When You Build An Email Subscriber List The Right Way, You'll Have Exactly What You Want, Like...

  • repeat visitors
  • product sales
  • visitors on demand
  • affiliate sales
  • free visitors
  • talk about your passion
  • unlimited blog comments
  • instant social proof

If you've heard anyone talk about getting email subscribers, they'll say "the money is in the list." But that's only HALF TRUE!

You need to contact your list in a way that gets them to read your emails...

Once You Build A Proper Email List With Our System,
You'll Have Serious Marketing Power!

  • Need to make a couple initial sales for your new product?
    Send your list to it.
  • Want to promote someone else's product where you're the affiliate?
    Send your list to it.
  • Want someone else to promote your offer?
    Send your list to them, so they will return the favor!

What's the difference between someone who makes zero to a few hundred dollars per month, versus someone who makes thousands or tens of thousands a month?

  • It's not how much "experience" they have...
  • It's not how young or old they are...
  • It's not how many web sites or landing pages they have...
  • It's how many responsive email subscribers they have!

The Only Way You Are Realistically Going To Earn More Money Per Week And Work Less Hours Per Week...

You Need To Build A Big Responsive Mailing List!

Once you build those lists of subscribers, your system can automatically follow up with them to buy more stuff, use the stuff they bought from you, and give you feedback.

Plus, you can broadcast a message at any time to that list -- even while you're asleep.

But setting it all up -- the technical stuff -- is only 10 percent of the battle, isn't it? You can setup all the sublists you want, but...

  • How will you get traffic to that list to opt-in, CONSISTENTLY?
  • How will you get subscribers from that list to open your e-mails?
  • How will you get those people to actually read your e-mails?
  • How will you get those readers to click on the links in your e-mails?
  • Most importantly, how will you convert those visitors into buyers?

So Get All the Shortcuts and Techniques From Two of the Best E-Mail Marketers on the Planet:
Robert Plank & Lance Tamashiro

Here's what I can tell you right now...

  • I currently have 142 sublists and 69.8% of my subscribers are BUYERS
  • 23.4% are new and repeat buyers that have also joined my mailing list in the past 90 days
  • 51.1% of my monthly recurring income is on complete autoresponder autopilot!

With one click I can tell you that 30.2% of my subscribers have never bought anything.

  • 39.1% of my entire list has only bought one thing from me
  • 45.8% are buyers who haven't made a repeat purchase in the past 90 days... and are currently in my reactivation campaign
  • One of my newest squeeze pages converts at 64.86% with 120 subscribers pouring in over the past 11 days from a single linkback

And another email signup page has brought in 424 double opt-in subscribers in the past couple of weeks converting at 33.97% to cold traffic... and ZERO promotion!

We have both built lists in the THOUSANDS of buyers, and we're going to reveal all our secrets about list building and show you LIVE, on a string of eight webinars where you can ask any question about building a responsive list of buyers, and getting those buyers to continue to pay you day in and day out!

I Want To Introduce You to...
The "List Copywriting"
Home Study Course!

It's an easy online home study course that shows you the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to build that list of email subscribers, send email messages to them, and get them to respond...

Which for you, means they click, read, and buy.

The best part is, you can join right now and get access to the first training module to repair the damage you've inflicted on your business. You'll hit the ground running and start running it the correct way.

Here's what's inside:

Instant Delivery:
"How to Build a List of Ten Thousand People, Fast!"

  • How Lance (a virtual unknown) recently built a list of 787 new buyers in one week making a few quick connections!
  • How one of Lance's business partners adds 100 new subscribers a day to his list, every single day, on autopilot!
  • The four traffic fountains Lance uses to build his list at a quick rate in a very limited time window
  • The Traffic Broker List Strategy: How a relatively-unknown internet marketer quadrupled his list from 3000 to 12000 in three months using other peoples' buyers AND other peoples' offers!

"This Whole Time,
I Have Not Been Sending Enough E-Mails!"

Joyce Jagger I liked all of the tips you guys shared with us.

I am going to be sending out 1 email per day and incorporating your tips. Thanks again.

This whole time, I have not been sending enough emails. Thanks for getting me back on track.

Joyce Jagger,

Month One:
"How to Sell the Click"

  • Find out how Robert Plank gets an average of $500 for every e-mail he sends out, on autopilot!
  • The four kinds of e-mails you can send to your list, and why you should favor one in particular over the other three...
  • The basic e-mail rules you need to follow, so you know how often to send e-mails, how many follow-ups to schedule, and how long those e-mails will be... without even thinking about it!
  • The five Cialdini points to incorporate into your e-mails to ensure maximum loyalty and that your subscribers actually read and remember your messages...
  • How an extra 17 seconds writing your e-mails can get them opened twice as much as they're getting opened now...
  • The correct and only way to get people to actually click on your e-mails instead of simply reading them... HINT: this beats the heck out of the clickthru rates you'll get from your traditional "newsletter" e-mails!
  • My best open-loop and psychological tactics for maintaining a super-loyal list... plus a dead-easy formula for launching any product in under an hour using only your autoresponder...

"Cialdini and NLP Techniques with List Marketing?!"

John Nada Cialdini's NLP Blitz and Onslaught was incredibly helpful for me.

This training was unique content that filled a gaping hole in my marketing.

From now on, I'll utilize at least 2 or 3 of Cialdini's factors to create Open Loop/curiosity and use content but not forget about the bottom line and continue to pitch.

John Nada,

Instant Access: Click Here »

Month Two:
"How to Increase Response"

  • How to create a feedback loop with your list so they think you're reading their minds... right off the bat! Before the end of the first e-mail!
  • Why you adding a single word to your subject lines TEMPORARILY increases immediate response, but kills long-term profits... and you can avoid it!
  • Train your list so they actually buy instead of just "glancing" at your offers using two little-known techniques, and why less clicks is usually better than more clicks!

Month Two BONUS:
"Six Ways to Fill Your Follow-Up Sequence"

  • How to legally use other peoples' content to instantly fill up enough timed e-mails to follow-up for your subscribers for the next several months... in minutes!
  • Four of the easiest ways to create new content that most article writers, copywriters, and niche marketers never even THINK of!
  • The checklist of locations where you can look for content you've already written... to stick into your autoresponder (most people miss this)!
  • The easy way to use reminders to double or even triple the autoresponder content you've already built up...

"These Six Strategies (For Creating Follow-Up Content) Were Just What I Needed..."

Andy Erickson Thanks for showing me easy ways to fill up an autoresponder sequence.

This has been a big sticking point for me, and Robert's 6 strategies for creating content for follow-up sequences were just what I needed.

I already had JV Plus, but I was reminded to put it into action on my blog and sales pages.

Andy Erickson,

Month Three:
"Behind the Scenes of Lance Tamashiro's
Dollar-per-Lead CPA Offer"

  • How Lance pulled 8000 new subscribers in 17 days from two promotions paying $1 per lead using pay-per-click, made money on it before the promotion is even finished!
  • How he also built a special list 1,539 affiliates using existing solutions... and ALL mailed for that offer! And it still gets opt-ins every day from the 1,230 backlinks it currently has in Google (built in 24 hours)...
  • Why switching the one time offer makes all the difference when split testing freebie list traffic

"I Liked the Real Examples You Guys Gave..."

Marcel Pamphile I liked the REAL examples you guys gave... the Freemind demonstrations and all your answers to our questions.

I haven't been emailing my list daily...

After attending these webinars, I've already started:

  • creating a product
  • creating a product page
  • creating a list
  • creating content for that list
  • funneling traffic into the list
  • adding an upsell

Marcel Pamphile,

Month Four:
"Build Your List Twice as Fast Using PHP"

  • Plug and play solutions to personalize your offers with countdown timers, one time offers, first-name cookies, and list logic... so your sales letters adapt to your prospects' actions!
  • Add time-limited offers, rolling offers, random offers, and even roll out time-delayed incremental content with no special software (even just a couple lines of additional code) so you can get back to doing what you enjoy!
  • How to mass-produce videos, articles, blog posts, even PDF reports using PHP in a matter of minutes!
  • The only shortcuts you'll ever need to split test your squeeze page, e-mail subject lines, and call-to-action to ensure your e-mails are always profitable!

"30 Pages of Notes... Real Proof...
Some of the Best Hours
I Have Spent Online!"

The most valuable thing I "re-learned" was KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Especially when it comes to squeeze pages.

So many folks are buying and selling fancy "mini-sites", but the webinar on squeeze pages showed that it is the simple things that get conversions!

Rich Dietz I also loved that you showed the actual stats for the different split tests. It was not just you guys saying that one thing worked over another... you had actual proof and stats that they did. Awesome stuff.

Its hard to pick THE most valuable thing as there was so much. I have about 30 pages of notes that I need to pour over, but a few things do stand out:

1) The webinar on squeeze pages was one of the best 2 hours I have spent online. Having Jason Parker, Robert AND Lance going over what they do on their squeeze pages was awesome enough, but also seeing a live critique of a listeners squeeze page!

2) Robert's PHP magic was simply mind blowing. Will be using that for sure!

Rich Dietz,

Month Five:
"How to Test, Track, and Optimize Your Squeeze Page Using Google Website Optimizer"

  • How you can add a free tool from Google to start split testing your squeeze pages (and sales letters) in under a minute!
  • How Lance has transformed pages that convert from 30 percent into 60 percent conversion on cold traffic, using ad swaps, just from a few simple tweaks!
  • The super secret 83 percent squeeze page (a high level guru re-used this template with permission and converted at 90 percent!)
  • Why generic web page designs always out-pull fancy graphic designs!

"Thinking Outside the Box Can Be Fun!"

I already knew it, but today I was reminded of the value of teams... masterminding, and of surrounding yourself with those who are of like mind. I was also reminded of the value of taking action... congrats to you Robert & Lance for staying focused and getting the job done!

Lance did a great job of showing that marketing and thinking outside the box can be fun.

I also think that Robert's demonstrations of understanding PHP was great. What I think I saw (I have to watch it again on the replay) was a few examples of how to TRULY take control of my business...understanding the language... literally.

Daviette Tettey,

I'm Ready to Build My List: Click Here »

Month Six:
"Lifetime Affiliate Tagging"

  • How to create special URLs in under 20 seconds that you can give to your EXISTING affiliates... and ensure that they get lifetime commissions for all your future offers, using just about ANY autoresponder! Even the ones that are remotely hosted...
  • Create custom landing pages with Clickbank, so you can not only sell 500 products from a single account, but also allow affiliates to promote an unlimited number of landing pages to build YOUR list tagged with their affiliate ID!
  • The exact code to add affiliate subdomains to your site (, so the URLs they promote don't even look like affiliate links to the naked eye!

"So Many Unique and Creative Ideas...
Very Enthuastic About Strategies, Formulas, Resources, and Psychological Tactics!"

Helen Raptoplous I have received almost 16 hours worth of the most amazing web content I could have ever imagined!! I was blown away and can't name just one thing as most valuable. So many unique and creative ideas!! I learned things I really need to know to survive!

I about digg, I learned about warriorforum, I learned about autoresponders.

I really liked learning about the traffic broker strategy, the affiliate army builder and your launch formula! And so much more!

I liked that we went over the psychological tactics and the Robert Cialdini points.

Most of the content was new for me but I am still very enthusiastic about putting all this great information and awesome resources to work. Thanks guys, you really rock!

Helen Raptoplous,

These are all real-world examples that you can apply the same day you take the class. We'll show you real case studies of lists we've built (and monetized) and sometimes even open up our own autoresponders and squeeze pages to show you the e-mails we send to our subscribers every day to rake in an average of $500 per e-mail...

The choice is yours. Keep doing what you've been doing to get the same results, or get trained from two master list builders to create a much BIGGER list than you have now, that pulls out more money per subscriber, and ensures each of those subscribers pays you more money and stays on your list for much longer.

Join List Copywriting. You will be charged $2497 to find out everything you need to know about building a profitable list!

List Copywriting is a web-based single payment membership site. You will need the Adobe Flash plugin installed (free and included with most browsers), or a video player capable of playing WMV files if you want to watch the videos offline.

After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and you will have access to the first of the training videos in the next few minutes. You'll get several more videos added to the membership each and every week.

And You Risk Nothing With Our
Priority Money Back Guarantee!

Remember, you have a full 60 days to decide if this membership is right for you. If for any reason you feel like the List Copywriting videos aren't the right fit for you, contact me and I will quietly and promptly send you a quick refund.

YES! I want the exact strategies and list building techniques used by Robert Plank and Lance Tamashiro to boost my business.

  • I understand I will be billed $2497 today to receive immediate access to the "List Copywriting" membership site.
  • I can cancel at any time with no questions asked whatsoever.